Saturday, July 26, 2008

Halloween in July

I seem to have Halloween stuck in my head... I've been working on a new picture book, on the subject of Halloween again - The Green Halloween. It seems like I've been revising the writing for ages. Well, at least a decade. Like a lot of my writing, I think I first got the idea at least ten years ago. This is very tricky writing because I decided to do it in rhyme - very hard to do, getting the meter and rhythm right. The PictureBookArtists critique group I'm in has been so helpful, giving me suggestions, new ideas... I'm almost there, almost ready to submit to publishers. This is one of the spreads. The sketches are really rough, but I hope to keep the loose, free feeling in the final art.
You know, I think I have more revising to do...looks like I spelled "ghoulies" wrong! It's always something...

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Ellesse said...

Thinking at halloween in comics, I remind especially that funny Donald Duck story thay introduced the caracher of a witch
called Hazelnut (at least in Italy).

In the latest years, Halloween has been imported also here in Italy (before there was only the carnival in february).
I must confess that I hate those kids ringing at my door and asking for my dark chocolate, that their uneducated taste won't appreciate. :-)