Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hidden Pictures

I've been working on some new Hidden Pictures for Highlights Magazine. This is one that was published a while ago. See if you can find a hat, mitten, fried egg, watermelon slice, banana, muffin...and some other things in there! How do I come up with these puzzles? Well, it isn't easy to explain... I usually modify an old sketch that I've already used for another product, like a greeting card. Sometimes you stare at it and can't come up with anything. But sometimes, after a while, everything suddenly opens up and you're finding hidden shapes of objects in everything! I suppose I did this a lot as a child. I had a rather dull childhood (see May 15 post), and besides playing with my bobbi pin collection and magnets, this was one of my favorite pastimes! It's like looking for animal shapes in clouds... and it helps to consider the negative space around objects. Negative space is the area an object doesn't occupy - there are shapes in there, too! Everything on earth is made up of various shapes. As one of my first drawing teachers in college told me, learning to draw is really learning how to see - how true!

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June said...

Thank you for explaining how you start to 'hide' objects.
I often wondered how this was done and where one would begin, with the objects or an illustration idea... kind of a 'chicken and egg' situation!